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Health Symptoms of Mold and Treatments

Mold has been getting more and more people sick, and many are unaware that mold is the cause of their illness. Health experts are seeing an overwhelmingly large amount of people with mold-related sicknesses that are due to their mold exposure. If you have symptoms linked to the exposure of mold, there are some treatments for you. Your first approach to a fast recovery is to find a doctor who has a large amount of mold expertise.  

One specific treatment will not work for each patient. It is very common that the treatments prescribed will not completely rid you of the effects of the mold. Also, the type of treatment that you use will depend on the type of mold that you were exposed to.

Being allergic to mold is a common thing. Here is a list of different things your doctor may prescribe you with if you have an allergy to mold.

* Nasal Corticosteroids – These nasal medicines will treat the inflammation in your respiratory system caused by the allergy. For many people, this is the most effective.

* Antihistamines – This drug helps with the itchiness and runny nose that the mold may cause you. They work by blocking the inflammatory chemical that causes the allergic reaction.

* Decongestant Nasal Spray – This helps to resolve your congestion problems. But be sure to never use it for more than 3-4 days, as it will make your symptoms worse. Some side effects of this are headaches, nervousness, and insomnia.
* Immunotherapy – This is a series of allergy shots. This can only be used for certain types of mold exposures.

* Nasal Lavage – To help with the irritating nasal symptoms, your doctor may require you to rinse your nose out with salt water. This will help to keep your nose free of any irritants.

If you get a rash from the exposure to mold, you can usually just wait it out. But it will depend on the type of rash you have. The answer is to go to the doctor so they can diagnose it. Usually the rash will go away by itself, though, once you have removed yourself from the environment with the mold.

Sometimes doctors jump the gun in prescribing you with the proper medication. Here is an example of how that can go wrong and with you not feeling any better than before. If you experienced chronic sinusitis due to exposure to mold, many doctors will prescribe you nasal steroid inhalers. Because people often have short-lived relief from their symptoms, they often believe that it is working for them. For some this does work in relieving their symptoms, but others feel that it doesn’t work for them. Since steroids suppress your immune system, you’ll often feel like you’re better when you really aren’t.

Mold can cause many different types if sicknesses. There are treatments for you if mold has made you sick. Be sure to see your doctor, though. They will be able to give you the proper treatment which will make you feel better and make the symptoms go away.

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